Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Procrastinate? Don't mind if I do!

I packed for my Spain trip whilst sober. It was really boring. Also, I remembered my knickers. DULLLL.

I leave Cambridge tomorrow morning about five hours before my flight - which is ridiculous - because the wonderful British transport system has decided to go completely tits up this weekend. This means my journey goes like this.

  • Taxi to Cambridge station
  • Train from Cambridge to Royston
  • Bus from Royston to Stevenage (engineering works)
  • Train from Stevenage to Kings Cross
  • Tube from Kings Cross to Paddington (only the Hammersmith & City line is running - both the others have engineering works)
  • Train from Paddington to Heathrow

Normally I would scorn to take the Heathrow Express because, hello, £16.50 for a journey that lasts 15 minutes? Can we say rip-off? However, the Piccadilly line, which would normally carry me smoothly from Kings Cross to Heathrow for the more modest price of included-in-my-annual-travelcard, has - you guessed it - engineering works.

Today I sorted out my travel arrangements, packed my luggage, went to the gym, tidied, did some Cassini work and felt very proud and mature until I realised that it was 8 PM and I still hadn't finished my talk.

It's almost done now and I could perhaps finish it, but I think the last slide might end up being a drawing of a unicorn being mauled by an angry tuxedo cat* or something so it's probably better if I leave that task for the airport tomorrow.

* This is totally an invitation to make me a drawing of a unicorn being mauled by an angry tuxedo cat, btw.
Tags: commuting, spain, travel

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