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Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition: wrap-up [20110711|12:03]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Imperial crew at the Royal Society soiree

(from left to right: D who just submitted his PhD thesis, [personal profile] nanila, J who is an STFC Advanced Fellow. D doesn't really have booms sticking out the sides of his head normally. There's a model spacecraft right behind him at exactly the wrong (right?) height.)

Thank you to [personal profile] djm4, [personal profile] yoyoangel, [personal profile] iridescent (+1) and dizzykj (+1), all of whom came to the Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society! It was a delight to see you. Apologies to those whom I missed but from the sounds of it, you still had a great time, as did I.

The estimated attendance was 12000 visitors, double the expected number. On my Sunday shift, I don't think I stopped talking for more than five minutes and that was when I went to dig out more freebies from behind the stand. Speaking of which, I have a pile of fridge magnets with pretty pictures of the Northern Lights to give away. If you want one (or two. Or three. Really, I have lots), leave a screened comment with an address (unless you think I have it already) and I'll pop them in the post.

Here's a video about the Aurora Explorer stand, narrated by Martin Archer (one of our postgrads). This was filmed at the press event on Monday, which wasn't open to the public. You can see me in the background and our matching luminous blue polo shirts. Aw.