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San Diego Botanic Gardens, Encinitas, California, USA

San Diego Botanic Gardens, Encinitas, California, USA

Female Anna's hummingbird

“Visit the botanic gardens” is not an activity that ever appeared on my lists of things to do when I was living in San Diego. Partly this is because I spent those five years in a basement lab staring at oscilloscopes. Mostly it’s because when I wasn’t doing that, I was more interested in going out dancing than I was in staring a birdhouse for half an hour, watching a cute Bewick’s wren feed the noisy chicks inside. Or tracking dogfights between Anna’s and Costa’s hummingbirds. Or making lists of succulent cacti to try and grow at home (indoors).

My inclinations have changed with age, and I was lucky enough during my visit to have a companion willing to check out the attractions of the botanics on a warm, overcast afternoon.

Trailing ice plant

Sapphire Tower. Teal flowers - so unusual!

Mourning Cloak butterfly
Mourning Cloak butterfly

Bewick's wren

California Daisies

Birds of paradise. I grew up with these. I love them.


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