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The Rewards of Teaching

The other day I popped down to the first-year lab to check up on my students who have built a working theremin from scratch. Well, a circuit diagram I gave them, but they've modified it heavily through experimentation, clever chaps.

They were playing around with various resistors while I poked at the oscilloscope and babbled at them when another student walked in from the adjacent lab. Tall&Oblivious was carrying an infrared temperature sensor. He told one of my students, whom I shall call The Blond One, to stand up.

The Blond One stood up. Tall&Oblivious pointed the sensor at his head and then at his crotch.

"There's a six-degree temperature difference between your brain and your cock," he concluded.

"Ahem," I said.

Tall&Oblivious started, as if he'd only just seen me. Which was, in fact, the case. The Blond One, who was now an interesting shade of magenta, began scrabbling through a box of components.

"That's exactly the information he always needed," I said. "Now shoo!"

He went.
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