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Week 1 of 3W4DW Roundup

I’ve been generating non-fannish content on Dreamwidth like a mad thing for the last week. This roundup post links to most of it so that LJ folks can explore it if they'd like

[community profile] capslock_dreamwidth: Fecking Gas Giants
[community profile] capslock_dreamwidth: Taxonomy: WTF haiku
[community profile] capslock_dreamwidth: Inspiration for 3W4DW
[community profile] capslock_dreamwidth: Pirate

I have written Thinky Brain Things About SCIENCE. ←- Somebody comment on these posts. Please.
[community profile] science: Geoengineering the climate: Should we?
[community profile] science: A message about planetary exploration
[community profile] science: Tips for communicating science effectively to lay audiences

22/52: Schmetterlinghaus, Vienna
I’ve been posting a photo a day to [community profile] photographic_i You can view my contributions through my tag, or go directly to them via the links under the cut. They've been appearing in my Flickr stream.
[community profile] photographic_i: 22/25: Schmetterlinghaus, Vienna, Austria
[community profile] photographic_i: Ascension Burial Ground, Cambridge, UK
[community profile] photographic_i: Wells Cathedral, Wells, UK
[community profile] photographic_i: Mozart in Vienna
[community profile] photographic_i: Lady Werething
[community profile] photographic_i: Splayed Tulip
[community profile] photographic_i: Vienna at dawn

I have been trying to revive the [community profile] multibeautiful community of lovely pictures of gorgeous PoCs. Please subscribe if you like the pretty. It will inspire you to write/paint/draw/create marvelous works! Or possibly just to dribble at the yumminess.
[community profile] multibeautiful: Jessica Ennis
[community profile] multibeautiful: DJ Qbert
[community profile] multibeautiful: Tia Carrere
[community profile] multibeautiful: Isaach de Bankole
[community profile] multibeautiful: Missy Elliott
[community profile] multibeautiful: Greg Louganis
[community profile] multibeautiful: Thandie Newton

And there have been other posts here and there in the exercise communities I belong to. May I have a cookie now?
Tags: beauty, happy, identity, photography, science, three weeks for dreamwidth

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