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Stift Melk, Austria: The complete set

Go behind the cut to take a tour of the Benedictine monastery in Melk, Austria, where there is enough gold leaf to gild an entire herd of elephants. Photos ensmallened for slow connections. All can be clicked to view larger sizes.

Ooh, hello there, welcome to our bright colourful cheery monastery! We haven’t quite grasped this deprivation-of-earthly-pleasures idea and we have no intention of suffering unduly, as will become abundantly clear to you momentarily.
Come past the courtyard...
...and enter our stunning and often rather gruesome display of relics. We hope you appreciate the architectural appeal of this exhibit.
As you pass through each room, be sure to turn and look behind you. Even when you reach the sixth and final room, you will still be able to see the first blue room through the doorway. We’re rather proud of the layered lighting effect.
In this mirrored room full of priceless relics, you can re-enact that awesome scene in Enter the Dragon where Bruce Lee fights the big boss. Please only do this in your mind.
Bone fragment of St John the Baptist.
Hello! I am creepy cherub. I watch over this curious cabinet in which enough bones are contained to make a complete skeleton. Except none of them come from the same person. Hahaha. Oops.
Do you like our balcony? You can see the Danube from here, and have a lovely view over the city of Melk.
This is our library. No, [personal profile] nanila, you cannot live in here.
This sculpture contains a set of metal tubes summarizing the life’s work of the persons whose names are engraved on the outside of the wooden structure. (Bloke of approximately 6’ in height included for scale.)
We’ve saved the most ornate, most stunning portion of our monastery (that you’re allowed to see, anyway) for last. Even if you aren’t fond of Baroque architecture, you will be impressed by this. Or at least kind of weirded out by the skeleton in the costume.
People like these arched passageways so much that they often photograph them twice.
The view over our formal gardens from the car park. We hope you enjoyed your visit to our humble, unprepossessing abode.
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