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Science Speed Dating

In a couple of weeks, I'll be participating in a Science Speed Dating event at a sixth-form academy in London. The school administrators have recruited several scientists from various fields who like doing outreach work. We have 2-3 minutes to introduce ourselves, and then students sign up to have 4-5 minute chats with each of us to learn about our jobs and, presumably, decide if they'd want to pursue similar careers.

I've been given a PowerPoint slide to fill out to use for the introduction, and there's one box on it I've been struggling to complete. All it says is "People don't know that I..." and you're supposed to fill it in with some quirky fact about yourself. This is where you come in, internets. Tell me which of these facts you think I should put in the box. I suspect you know most of these, but people who haven't been reading my blog for years won't.

Poll #1715257 Science Speed Dating

You should tell the students that you...

used to be a cheerleader
worked as a nightclub bouncer to help pay your university fees
are secretly a goth

No no no. You should tell them this:

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