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The Old Rectory, Norfolk

The Old Rectory

I have mentioned before that the bloke's parents live in a humongous house, haven't I? I still remember visiting this mid-size hotel for the first time. We pulled into the drive (pictured above) and I asked, in all innocence, "Oh, this is beautiful! Which part of it is your parents'?" The bloke looked at me sideways and answered, as if I'd been taking the piss, "The whole thing?"

My nerves, which were already at fever pitch because it was my first time meeting his parents, keyed up a whole octave. Fortunately, they're lovely people who went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable, and now I look forward to our visits without reservations.

The interior of the house is very beautiful, as I hope was conveyed somewhat by the previous post, but the grounds are also spectacular, even in winter when all the roses wreathing it have died back.

Walking to the pond

Running into the fields

The house from the back

The swimming pool in the rose garden - frozen!

Our dirty car spoiling the facade

The side of the house, next to the croquet lawn

At some point I'll have to share photos of the bloke's room. It is at the back of the house, in what used to be the chapel that was added on just before 1900. It has a neo-gothic arched window comprised of many small glass panes and a timbre-beamed ceiling. It can only be reached by a half-hidden staircase. A triangular bookshelf covering one wall reaches from about three feet off the floor to the very tip of the ceiling. It's a child's dream bedroom, and every time we stay here I more than half-wish we lived here.
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