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13/52: Abby

13/52: Abby

I think this might be my favourite self-portrait as another person. I think this may also be the first time I’ve posted something for this project & not cared at all if no one else liked it because I love it so. Things I have in common with Abby Sciuto from NCIS:

  • PhD in chemistry
  • Love for my work
  • Fondness for chokers, wristbands & soft toys that make rude noises
  • Being the happiest goth in the world

Things Abby has that I don’t:

  • Fringe
  • Forensics expertise

Thing I have that Abby doesn’t:

  • Spacecraft operations expertise
  • Plush Chthulu that goes “AAAAHHHHH” when you squeeze him

The lab coat is mine. Stains (not visible) on lab coat from working at JPL. Choker is from Cyberdog in Camden. T-shirt is “Stand Back, I’m Going To Try Science” from XKCD via birthday gift from [personal profile] becala. Dog tag is from Kontrol Faktory (RIP), the best industrial club in LA. Goggles are from the Girl Genius webcomic shop. Yes, I am a walking compendium of geeky references, even when I’m not dressed like this.

(I’m sorry my 52 project photos are coming along so quickly at the moment - I’m playing catch-up. All these ideas have been bouncing around in my head for weeks but I haven’t had time nor been in the right head-space to execute them.

In totally unrelated news, the bloke has been trying to get home from San Francisco since last Friday morning. He has now been in three different countries in as many days, and he’s still not in the UK. All I want for Christmas is for that coach tonight to be able to get from Brussels to London.)
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