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Paid account time giveaway, Take 2

A surprisingly small number of you have stepped forward to nominate users for the DW paid account time giveaway. I'm not sure why. So I'm going to repost this as a completely anonymous poll. No signing in required. I will have no idea who has nominated whom. I also remind you that it is perfectly OK to nominate a user that is not in my Circle.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use points to gift a premium paid account with plain old paid account time. The minimum amount that a premium paid user can be gifted is 6 months of premium paid time. So I'm afraid that I will have to count current premium paid accounts out of this giveaway, since I already purchased the points. My apologies.

OHO! Someone has pointed out to me that it is possible to transfer points to another user as points rather than as account time. I managed to miss out on observing that option previously. Premium paid account giftees, prepare to receive points.

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