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Paid DW account time: Non-Sectarian Festival Holiday giveaway

Hello, friends. I have just put 360 points into my Dreamwidth kitty, and I would like to give them away as paid account time in honour of NSFH.

Please use the poll to nominate someone for paid account time. (LJ users will have to log in with OpenID.) Only I can view the answers to the poll. If you would like to nominate yourself, that is absolutely fine. So is nominating someone who is outside my Circle. If your nominee is currently exclusively an LJ user, don’t worry. I have Dreamwidth invite codes to give him/her to set up a DW account. Comments are screened so that if you would like to expound upon your reasons for giving this person paid account time, you can do so in seekrit.

So, why would anyone want Dreamwidth paid account time? Here are some of the shiny benefits of having it:

  • 100 icon slots (as opposed to 15 with a free account)
  • Ability to post polls (Dreamwidth even allows completely anonymous ones!)
  • Ability to set up notifications for absolutely everything (e.g. users unsubscribing/disallowing access, answering your polls)
  • Ability to set up Google Analytics
  • Cross-posting to up to 3 different platforms - and even if/when you revert to a free account you can still cross-post to one, such as LJ
  • So many more, all listed here.

Depending on the response level, I will either give 1 month (plus 10% through DW’s holiday promotion!) of paid time to 12 users or 2 months (also plus 10%!) of paid time to 6 users.

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