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Five things I know

In no particular order.

  1. My life is richer when I have cats. I don't know how I managed five years without a cat to come home to. My boys are essential to my happiness. I pick them up and put my face in their fur to hear their low contented rumbling, and then I don't care about anything else. They don’t need us, not really, and they’re the friendliest cats I’ve ever served.

  2. I am a bad drunk. Sometimes I'm a fun drunk, but I never know if I'm going to be that, or if the drink is going to tear the seal off the black hole where painful experiences live. They tend to force themselves out in a confused, shouty jumble that is helpful to no one.

  3. Friendships are unequal. To be friends, you must be willing to accept as well as impart generosity, and sometimes that's more difficult to do. You must also accept that there will be debts in friendship that can never be reciprocated. I owe some people more financial and emotional support than could be repaid in four lifetimes.

  4. I would love to be bisexual and polyamorous, but I’m just not. I love looking at beautiful people - masculine, feminine, androgynous. I find nude images of women, as well as men, erotic and sensual. But when it comes to the bedroom, I can’t get around the fact that I prefer cock. I’m also dreadfully possessive. I can rationalize myself out of it. That takes time, however, and since I’m very bad at hiding my emotions, it doesn’t exactly pass undetected. It’s my least favourite aspect of my personality. Because it’s so difficult and time-consuming for me to overcome it and there are many other things on which I want to spend my emotional and intellectual energy, monogamy is simply easier. (Laziness is another aspect of my personality that I don’t like much.)

  5. Banana pancakes should be eaten with Nutella.
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