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I love the smell of undergraduates in the morning. Wait, no.

Dear First Year Physics Students,

Here is how you do not go about asking for help.

  1. Anyone in the First Year Physics Lab who looks like they know what they're doing because they're working on something and are slightly older than you is not your demonstrator.

  2. If you wish to address that person, shouting across the lab is not the way to approach her.

  3. Especially if what you're shouting is, "Aren't you supposed to be over here?"

  4. Following that up with, "Hey! There are students here", doesn't motivate the person to come running either. I know you're there. I also know it's not my job to look after you right now. That's why I'm as far away from your clueless little bippy heads as possible.

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Oh, the first week of term.

ETA: Have just been informed that they were not shouting at me because they thought I was a demonstrator. It's because they thought I was a student who was in the wrong place. I am not sure whether this is better or worse.
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