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3/52: Dietrich Mod

3/52: Dietrich Mod

Real gentlemen wear trilbies. Dedicated to prosicated.

So, this was pretty frustrating. It brought home to me that I'm in desperate need of at least a few bits of lighting kit. When the sun isn't out, my studio is simply too dark, as is the rest of the house. None of our rooms are really big enough to function as proper spaces for full-length shoots against a plain backdrop, so I have either to photoshop or be content with close-ups. Now that the weather is crappy, outdoor shoots are more challenging, not to mention the fact that I have to work during the few daylight hours we have. In any case, I wish this photo were better. I wish the lighting on the side of my face had been stronger. This is the first post in this project that I'm not entirely happy with, but I'm putting it up anyway since that's the point of this - to at least attempt to bring all the myriad ideas I have to fruition.
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