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Being at work is, presently, the most relaxing part of my day.

This weekend was Open Cambridge weekend, so I booked my parents, the bloke and I on a tour of a bit of the city about which we knew nothing: All Souls' Burial Ground.

Adjacent to Churchill College, this lovely little overgrown spot reminded me of Highgate Cemetery and is the resting place of many luminaries: several of Darwin's descendents, three Nobel laureates, many Fellows of the Royal Society, various masters of Cambridge colleges. Probably the most famous occupant is Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher. Our tour guide was a fellow of Churchill and one of the few humanities lecturers in the college, being a historian.

Graves near the chapel

Sir Horace Darwin, scientific instrument maker

The wrong Hopkins (the Nobel laureate's grave is nearby but less picturesque)

Behind the chapel (now a workshop for the tablet letterer)

Sir John Cockcroft, atom-splitter

We introduced my parents to the custom of the Sunday roast at The Green Man in Trumpington...

Bloke & mom

Me & my dad

Bloke is slightly daunted by his meal

...and the post-largesse constitutional around Byron's Pool. Although we didn't sit on the banks of it reciting lugubrious poetry. It was far too nice a day.

Three Bears on a Bench

Flanking the path


The upper end of the pool

The weir below

We tended the garden...


Snail wants a tomato

Wilting Cosmos

Hoverfly & Cosmos

Dragonfly has but moments to live, and I mean that literally

Junglecat, right before a flying leap into the pond in pursuit of the dragonfly

...and played with the cats.


Scarfcat is floppy

Feathers, nom!

Scritchins are good too

I show you mah teef

Additionally, we ate a lot of cheese and drank a good deal of wine. I dropped them off earlier to explore the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. Tonight, I take them to the Royal Festival Hall to see Stephen Fry. Tomorrow, I herd two more kitttens pick up my aunt & uncle from Heathrow. According to my calculations, the fun should therefore QUADRUPLE. Huzzah!
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