Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

No Vacancies

Within 24 hours of their arrival, my parents have managed to weed the front garden, remove all the dead triffids (giant thistles) and fix the latch on the front gate.

This makes me even more glad we got the spare room fixed before they got here, otherwise I probably would have come home to find them covered in plaster and trying to decipher the accent of a local electrician they got in to fix the wiring.

Speaking of electricians, we had one come in last Saturday morning to add an additional power outlet to the room. He was a taciturn, efficient sort of fellow. We heard a rustling noise in the kitchen where he was working on the fuse box, but decided to leave him alone. A few moments later, he popped his head into the living room, a curiously lively expression on his face.

"Your cat," he said slowly. "He's brought a pigeon in. It's...large. I think it's still alive. He's sort the way. Would you mind, er, moving him?"


Scrub that floor. I said SCRUB IT.


The sacrificial toe

Note that we have two single beds in the room so that they can be pulled apart to accommodate multiple guests who are not a couple. I think this is a cunning plan.
Tags: cambridge, catmother, diy, family
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