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Am I metal enough for this race?

Oh yes, I think I am.

I finally completed my Princess Leia outfit for The Spartan Race. With 12 days to go before I have to run it dressed like an idiot, I need it to be in a state to take on at least one test run.

I ordered the official costume, knowing from the reviews that it wasn't going to suffice for the race. The top was crappy felt that provided no support. Hence, I also bought a bra with a clear back and clear straps so that I could remove the rubber decoration and attach it to the bra. The skirt came down to my ankles, so I shortened that. The armband was floppy, so I reinforced it with covered metal wire.

Since you were all kind enough to donate over £100 toward my cause, I also ordered an earmuff braid headband. It is actually brilliant. My ears will not be cold.

I am metal enough for this race.

Admire my armband.

As you can see from the last photo, I shall have to make a few more modifications. The chain on the collar will have to have a hook on it so I can wrap it around my neck to get it out of the way while I'm running. I'll also need to secure the rubber decorations to the bra with a few more stitches, as one of them pulled out while I was posing, which doesn't bode well for attempting to run the race in its current state. I might also need to shorten the skirt further.

Anyway, I am no seamstress so I'm happy it's turned out as well as it has.

If you want to cheer us on, the race is taking place in Royston on Sunday, 19 September. A map is on the linked page.

I remind you that if you wish to donate to Oxfam on my behalf, you can do so at the link below.
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