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([personal profile] lovepeaceohana, you'll appreciate this one, I think.)

I was talking with my sister-out-law (e.g. the bloke's brother's partner) last night and she told me the following story.

She was chatting with one of the mums she knows from a group she has lunch with occasionally. This lady is white. Sister-out-law is black Nigerian. Her son is, therefore, mixed-race. The lady suggested she should take her son to a modeling agency that specializes in placing children in adverts. She tried to remember the name of the agency.

"What was it," she mused to sister-out-law. "Oh...I remember, it's 'Golliwogs'."

Sister-out-law stared. Did she really just say that? Trying to keep her voice neutral, she asked, "Are you sure?"

"Maybe not," said the woman. She pondered further. "Oh no, it's 'Scallywags'. That's right."

The mind, it boggles.
Tags: racism sucks, wtf
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