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Elephant hawk-moth

The bloke & I went to pick up the boys at his parents' place in Norfolk a few weeks ago. His mum refilled the bird feeders the morning we left. She opened up the tub of bird feed and fat balls to find a gorgeous beastie lurking inside.

Elephant hawk-moth

They're quite common, but I've never seen one up close like this before and their colouration is spectacular.

We brought you a dove but we eated it

Spoonin next to Saturn

You know, we dropped off a couple of gawky teenage cats when we went on holiday in Kenya. Their paws were always kind of dirty and their legs were a bit too long and they always seemed to have milk on their faces or burrs in their fur. We picked up a pair of sleek, glossy panthers with immaculate white feet and bellies who are capable of bringing down pheasants. They're all grown up, and they're so beautiful it's hard to look at them sometimes.
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