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I'm Too Sexy For This Blog

Oh my goodness me. I've been nominated for A Shiny Internet Award! Yes, some person has kindly put my name forward for the title of Sexiest Blogger in [personal profile] miss_s_b's Very Prestigious And Entirely Serious Blog Awards 2010. Its seriousness is illustrated by the use of Willy-waving in the award graphic by She-of-the-Very-Fine-Chapeau, innerbrat:

If you would like to vote in the Sexiest Blogger category, although of course there is no obligation to vote for me, you can do it by clicking Willy or here. You can vote in the poll even if you don't have a Dreamwidth account. Simply log in with OpenID by typing your LJ identity (e.g. "") into the box here.

(Sexiest Blogger! Really? I'm all blushy now.)
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