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I'm going to Africa. I'm going to AFRICA?!

I just got back from Paris last night and in a week, I leave for Kenya. It still hasn't quite sunk in that I'm going to Africa. I mean, I look at this itinerary and it seems like a dream - something I might doodle up during a bored hour on a train rather than something that's actually happening next week.

Thu 1 JulyFly to Nairobi
Fri 2 to Sun 4 JulyExplore Nairobi
Mon 5 to Thu 8 JulyDrive to the Masai Mara; camp; watch the wildebeest & zebra migrations; try not to get eaten by lions that live near the campsite
Fri 9 JulyTrain to Mombasa
Sat 10 to Mon 12 JulyStay in a cottage in Diani; explore Mombasa & beaches
Tue 13 to Fri 16 JulyFly to Lamu island; stay in Shela village; explore Lamu in a dhow
Sat 17 JulyFly to Nairobi
Sun 18 JulyTourist shopping day in Nairobi if any of us have any money left
Mon 19 JulyFly to Heathrow
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