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This is not procrastination.

I'm in the middle of writing up the EJSM mission meeting I attended in Holland last week. When I attend conferences, I always write down little descriptions of the speakers so that I can remember them at the next conference. As a result, I am fiercely protective of my abstract booklet, lest it fall into anyone else's hands.

On the positive side, it amuses me no end to discover them again later. For instance:

  1. "Distinguishing feature: dark purple corduroy jacket. WHOA."
  2. "Frenchman with flowing locks of well-tended wavy hair. Wait, that doesn't narrow it down at all."
  3. "I have spent the entire talk waiting for an inflection or a tonal variation in this person's voice. I am disappointed."
  4. "Blonde, British, brisk. Best talk of the session."
  5. "Dainty woman with big green eyes and an unexpectedly powerful voice."
  6. "Tedious little man with badly tended goatee. Hm, this isn't specific enough either."
  7. "Cor. That is one hot Frenchman. You can just stay up there and talk sexy Galilean moon facts at me all day, mmmkay?"

Oh, brain. How can you be simultaneously focused, organised and yet so utterly puerile?
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