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But what does it mean?

When I walk up Queen's Gate to my building on most days, I see a newish dark purple Porsche 911 Targa parked outside. It has a private number plate that has been the source of much internal speculation. Its cryptic brevity fascinates me. It says "40 A".

The first meanings that spring to mind for me are "bra size" and "penis length" (in Angstroms, possibly? 10-10 metres). While amusing, they strike me as facile, given the workplaces at which the driver of said vehicle is likely to be employed. The possibilities include the Imperial College physics department and the Bulgarian embassy. Perhaps it is a literal reference to the current drawn by the car battery, which bespeaks a physics professor totally spoiling his painstaking efforts to regain cool points by splashing his nerdiness on the front of his flashy vehicle. Or perhaps, my imagination hints darkly, it is the hit count for a Bulgarian assassin who specializes in hunting down rogue Albanians. What do you think?

Poll #1563747 Private number plate "40 A"

This is a reference to

Penis length.
Bra size.
Car battery current.
Albanian hits.
Something else you haven't thought of.

Something else I haven't thought of?

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