Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
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Milton Abbey, Dorset

Milton Abbey tomb, detail

We spent our bank holiday in a tiny village in Dorset. Before we left Cambridge, the bloke used a good portion of an hour dismantling our bicycles so we could fit them into the car. This involved a lot of packing and re-packing and swearing, fueled by the knowledge that every minute we delayed our departure meant another twenty spent sitting on the M25, aka The Worst Motorway In Britain, during rush hour. Our four-hour journey morphed into a six-hour journey. On the positive side, this made us even more determined to use our bicycles as much as possible during the holiday.

One of the places we visited was Milton Abbey, a Benedictine church that is now part of a public school. The interior proved to be extraordinarily photogenic. I particularly liked the sculpture above, which topped a tomb inside. The postures of both figures is relaxed and natural, and it is easy to assume that the likenesses are realistic. He looks melancholic and contemplative rather than grief-stricken, as if she were asleep.

Tomb in its setting

Looking towards the back of the abbey

Stained glass, detail

The altar

Stained glass, detail

Cenotaph, detail
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