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Teal Leg Day

I wanna be a cowgirl

On my way home from the station today, I saw no less than three other women wearing teal tights. I concluded that it must be the hitherto unrecognized Teal Leg Day. So if you aren't wearing teal tights now, I recommend you go and don a pair. Or if you don't have any, order some online. Go! Do it! Get some for your girl friends! Get some for your man friends! Only £4 from! Be brave! Be colourful!

Ahem. Anyway, I did something terribly un-British today. I like to speak to fellow commuters occasionally. It's a minor cultural rebellion that lets me remind myself that after over five years in this country, I'm still American. (I hope daily that my accent doesn't leave me completely so I can continue getting away with it.) I stopped a woman with the most stunning grey bob while alighting from the train to tell her that she had beautiful hair. She giggled happily and said, "Oh thank you! That's so sweet!" I had a smile on my face for the whole of my walk home.
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