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Work/life balance: I has it

A couple of months ago - I'm embarrassed to say, now that I've typed that - I mentioned that the bloke and I redecorated the front room of our home. I neglected to post pictures. We need to stop spending all our time in there, or out in the garden, assiduously ignoring the rest of the house, which also needs redecorating. I'm putting up these Before and After shots in the hopes of lighting a fire under out butts to tackle the kitchen.


Bay window

Corner with archway


Bay window


Corner opposite arch

In unrelated news, I submitted a grant proposal today. Now, one of the myriad reasons I decided not to become a career academic was that I didn't particularly enjoy writing grant proposals. This one, however, was actually fun to write, because it's for something I feel passionately about. It's an STFC Science in Society Small Award for a mere £7k, so it's not like it'll pay my salary for a year or anything. But if I get it, I'll be able (with the help of [profile] flexagain) to put a ground station in a school that's capable of tracking spacecraft in low Earth orbit, including the nanosatellites known as CubeSats. We'll teach the students to be responsible for its operation and maintenance. If we get even luckier and manage to find the funding to build our own CubeSat, the students would get the chance to contribute directly to ongoing space-based science research.

I won't find out if our application is successful until mid-June, but for the moment, I'm just proud of having accomplished, with pleasure and pride and real belief in the cause, something that I used to find onerous.
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