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Attracting the crazies with my science

I have details of my outreach presentation and magnetometer workshop on a site called Sciencelive. It helps teachers and events coordinators to locate willing presenters. Thus far, the people who've found me and requested my services have been very organised and polite. It was inevitable that I'd get one that wasn't, eventually.

I got your details from the Sciencelive website.

I have a group of Science Club children from a Nigerian Secondary School - 13-16 years old, I am putting a half term Science Itinerary for in October. The liklihood is they would be staying in either Stratford or Romford and might be in Birmingham, visiting Cadbury's on one of those days.

There is a likelihood that next year, some of them might be seeking Universities in the UK, as their school has strong British links. If you are able too, possible Science career options would be worth covering. If its not your territory, its fine by me.

Are you able to do any Science based activities - workshops, seminars, practical activities, etc at any point in time during their 8 days? I'm looking for something that is more than a talk, but interactive, fun and/or hands on. What are you able to offer and what's the cost implication to me?

I would appreciate some urgency in your response.

Thank you

There are so many things wrong with this, I hardly know where to start.

  1. Addressing me as "Sir/Madam" makes it pretty obvious that you've spammed the entire list of presenters. I do not feel flattered by your invitation.

  2. If you cannot be bothered to run your message through a spell-checker before you send it, I'm not sure I can be bothered with you.

  3. October has 31 days in it. Your students will be here for eight. Which eight? Be specific.

  4. Stratford, Romford and Birmingham are not close together. Choose a location based on which one you think might be convenient for me before you send a request.

  5. The web site "ScienceLive" should make it fairly obvious that the presenters will be doing science-based activities.

  6. If you'd read my listing specifically, you would have seen that I offer both a standalone lecture and a separate workshop, and that the workshop has size and age limitations on it.

  7. If you'd read my listing specifically, you would know the cost implication to you.

  8. I'm sure you would appreciate some urgency in my response, just as I would have appreciated courtesy and forethought in your original request.

I have a slight sense of guilt about ignoring the request because I had a look at their web site and it seems to be a worthy sort of organisation. But the e-mail sets off so many alarm bells that I have visions of attempting to participate turning into a nightmare.
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