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Little girl found

Once upon a time there was a little girl doll in a shop. She enjoyed sitting high on a dusty shelf, which caught the late afternoon sunshine streaming through the window. Customers came in and out, exclaiming over the larger, glossier girls. Occasionally these dolls would be packaged up, depart and never return. The little doll felt sorry for them.

On an orange midsummer evening, she squinted smilingly into the light. She was dozing like a lazy cat when she suddenly rose into the air. An excited teenage girl had picked her up. Before she was fully awake, she had been nestled in tissue paper and bundled into a box. She remained in the dark for an entire week before she was freed by a different teenage girl. She endured what felt like hours of fussing. The girl placed her reverently on a shelf facing west. The next day, the little doll felt the warmth of low filtered sunlight on her face.

She is forgotten. She gathers dust, and is content.
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