Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Cat Tales

Sputnik & Telstar had their first great outdoor adventure last weekend. They frolicked outside for a good half an hour before returning indoors. To use their litterbox.

As they scampered back outside, I shouted, "Boys, you have totally missed the point."


I let the boys out when I got home this evening to have their first taste of the World At Night. They bounded eagerly through the door and screeched to a halt near the wheelbarrow leaning against the house, proceeding with extreme caution. They were quickly lost to view, though I could hear their bells through the partially open door. I had just phoned the bloke to discuss our imminent holiday when I heard the most appalling screech, followed by a jingling bell.

I ran outside to find Telstar, who is the larger of the two, cowering behind the wheelbarrow. Sputnik stood in the middle of the lawn, fluffed up to the best of his ability, which still brought him nowhere near the size of the battle-scarred moggie perched on the fence and spitting furiously. I chased off the full-grown cat and chastised Telstar for leaving his brave little brother in the lurch.

He later attempted to redeem himself by launching himself into the deep end of pond in pursuit of the moon. I tried to explain that "foolhardy" is not the same quality as "valiance". I do not think I made much of an impression.


Cat farts. Explain to me how it is possible for something so small to produce so foul a stench.

And finally, a poll to test how well you know your nanila:

Poll #1494117 Travel procrastination

It is after 10 PM. I have to take a taxi at 4 AM to get to the airport to fly to Berlin. Have I packed yet?

Of course. You are a very organised and responsible person.
Not yet, but you will soon, before you go to bed.
You are sitting on the sofa drinking rum and playing with the kittens. You will pack in a panic at 3 AM.
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