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I've spent the last three weekends being a happy housewife. Okay, we've done other stuff, like having people round and getting drunk, or going to the pub and getting drunk. But the bits that give me a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment have been the housework and the baking. For instance, on Saturday I cleaned the whole house and made zucchini bread, which I refuse to rename "courgette bread" for the Brits. Today, I did all the laundry and hung it outside so it smells nice and fresh. I trimmed back the brambles encroaching from the jungle that masquerades as next door's garden. I dug up a large section of the garden near the house, separated out and replanted all the crocus bulbs I found, and planted a batch of tulips.

After dark, we popped over to the Botanic Gardens for a bizarre event called the "Plant Orchestra". The gardens allowed a Bristolian artist to spend several nights wiring up 60 plants in the Palm House to record the sounds they made. He chose the best 15 for the Orchestra. Visitors walk through the Palm House at night and listen to the recordings. The members of the Orchestra have green flashing LEDs nestled amongst their foliage. The banana palm gurgles. The capsicum crackles. The bamboo sounds like the lurching of a distant train. It is a most peculiar experience, and rather magical, especially when you look up and see the constellations of the northern hemisphere through the roof of the hot tropical glass house.

I fear I'm in great danger of settling down.

If you read this far without falling asleep, congratulations! Have some kitten pictures. And a disheveled Catmother.

Catmother, just awoken & in her oversized dressing gown

The belt on your dressing gown is a toy for me, right?

You cannot resist the combined power of our KAYOOT.
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