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The spider's vigilance

Those two-legged types think that just because they're biggest and loudest, they own this place. Well, I can assure you that if you determine ownership from the amount of time spent in a house and care in patrolling its perimeter, like I do, they've got it completely wrong. Those honours fall to me, and I carry them out with pride. If I let my guard down even for a second, this place would be overrun with ill-bred interlopers with vicious tempers and poor impulse control. I've got one right here, see? You should have seen the way she swaggered in here, preparing to spin right across the cupboard doors. Not only would that have obstructed my hunting ground, it would have made a terrible mess for the bipeds to tidy. She won't be trying that again, oh no. Not until her next life.

Tags: anthropomorphia, cambridge, macro
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