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Need cute kitten pictures, stat

+ I have a minion for the next 9 working days to help me redo our web pages.

- Minion is 16. This makes it a babysitting gig, as I cannot give her a visitor card or a key to the lab. She will be asking my permission to use the toilet.

+ Have been managing to do the jobs of two other people in addition to my own for a whole week as Acting Instrument Manager.

- Two more weeks of it might kill me.

+ Every single minute of my working days since I started commuting from Cambridge have been spent productively. Apart from this one.

- By the time I get home, I have no energy to spend on frivolous, let alone creative, pursuits. Feeding myself and washing up are the extent of my evening activities.

+ 2.5 hours a day on trains == 2.5 novels or 1.5 non-fiction books per week

- I desperately need to get a library card or my entire salary will be divided between my mortgage, British Rail and Amazon.
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