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First day in our New House

Right, who wants to see our new house? It has two floors, three bedrooms, one full bathroom, one downstairs toilet. It has had only two previous sets of owners: the first, the lady who bought it when it was built in the 1930s and lived in it until she died aged 95 and the second, the two chaps who after much wrangling, sold it to us.

The bloke invites you in for a tour.

The front bay window.

This is going to be replaced as it's all rotten.

The rest of the front room.

Please note ancient fireplace, which we plan to keep. Although we'll probably replace the hearth. Assuming we have any money left after installing central heating.

The kitchen, before and after.

We spent all day scrubbing & bleaching the kitchen (and bathroom). If you say you can't see any difference, I shall probably cry.

Into the bathroom!

This is one of the few parts of the house to have been renovated since 1972 (possibly earlier).

The shower is awesome.

The shower is awesome - hot and good water pressure. That's all I really care about for a bathroom anyway, other than that it's clean.

Master bedroom.

Part of me wants to keep that funky little gas fireplace, but I know it's just not practical. Also note minging carpet. The previous owners had five cats. I think it's going to have to be steam-cleaned, but we won't bother replacing it until the central heating gets done.

Master bedroom.

This is part of what frustrated me so much when we first saw this place. It deserves to be fixed up properly. Not like this!

Second bedroom.

Lined with bookshelves. Again, nice concept, execution leaves much to be desired.


This is so not the third bedroom. This is my art studio. Observe me staking my claim.

Come into the back garden.

If you dare!

Welcome to the jungle.

There are some gorgeous plants in here, they've just been neglected for over a year.

All hail the giant rhubarb of doooooom.

Sad Pond, with Chair.

Full of extremely happy frogs, though. Which is great because it means it's not full of those harbingers of evil: mosquitoes.

The neverending garden.

There are allotments behind us, which makes up for being on a main road in front.

I'm still wrapping my brain around the notion that we own this place. I had completely talked myself out of the idea that it would happen after being messed around by the sellers. I was ready to spend a few more months in London. Now I'm looking at becoming a Cantabrigian at the start of next month, I have a mortgage and I'm moving in with the bloke. This life thing, it putts along and lulls you into a sense of complacency, and then suddenly everything explodes at once. Tricksy life.
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