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My Kids Built Cool Stuff

I have to share some pictures of my kids because I'm so proud of them. Today they completed their projects and have finished the first drafts of their presentations in front of their parents and all the other groups tomorrow.

The Theremin Kids

L to R: Huma the Articulate; Anokhe the Thorough and Conceptually Brilliant; Tolu the Expert Solderer and Powerpoint Guru; Hamed the Organiser and Questioner. (Not pictured: Dhiren, whose absence says rather a lot about his participation in the project.) This lot found a way to integrate a video of a cat playing a theremin into their presentation and make it relevant. WIN.

The Theremin

L to R: Antenna; circuit board; external controls: audio jack, regulator, switch, power source (yep, that's one 9 volt battery)

The Magnetometer Kids

L to R: Neil the Fearless Answerer; Themi the Silent Worker (soldering the circuit under the watchful eye of Mentor Laura); Api the Energetic Summarizer; Ashish the Determined; Milly the Soft-Spoken Leader.

The magnetometer kids haven't made their electronics work yet, but they don't need to as the point of their project was slightly different. I wanted them to use functioning magnetometers to map the magnetic fields around objects. Anyway, look at them! Aren't they adorable? They tried so hard. They're going to be great tomorrow. ♥
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