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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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Why hello there Professor Snape. No, I haven't done my homework. [20090706|23:34]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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[the weather today is |conflicted]

So I'm really stressed and I've had to work part of the weekend and all of today and this evening to prepare for the summer school this week for which I'm running two projects. I figured out that one of them was just too hard for a group of sixteen-year-olds who've never worked with electronics to complete in three days. I've therefore frantically rewritten the project to allow them to use a functioning version of the instrument to do neat stuff, and oh dear sweet Cthulu, please let this work.

I have the feeling, though, that I'd have trouble getting many of you to feel sorry for me, as whatever else happens tomorrow, my cousin (who worked on the film) is taking me to see the world premiere of the new Harry Potter film in Leicester Square tomorrow night. Also, she promised me popcorn.

[User Picture]From: thefounder
2009-07-06 23:29 (UTC)
as someone who's largely been passed by by the whole Potter thing, i'm actually marginally more impressed by your cousin's promise to fork out for central London cinematic popcorn. :) enjoy.

therefore, i do feel sorry for you about the whole preparation thing. we've a work experience person in our office for some of this week and some of next, and because of the specialised nature of our work we've got no idea what to make her do, so i sort of feel your pain. whatever happens, i'm sure you will charm them with your charisma and enthusiasm. :)
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2009-07-07 05:45 (UTC)
*looks around shiftily* Want to know a secret? I'm not that fussed about the Potter thing either. I stopped reading 'em about 200 pages into the 4th book. Bored. I have enjoyed the films, though - at least from the third one on.

Thanks for the sympathy. I think my reserves of enthusiasm are going to take a beating this week.
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From: pbristow
2009-07-07 10:23 (UTC)
[NODS] Re. Central London Cinematic Popcorn: "Don't eat it! It's an *investment*." =:o\
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[User Picture]From: gourou
2009-07-07 00:49 (UTC)
Enjoy...and snog Emma for me!
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2009-07-07 05:48 (UTC)
Oh dear. I have to confess here that I am the worst celebrity-spotter in the world. Utterly useless. I lived in LA for years and I just never got good at it. My friends would say, "LOOK! There's [such-and-such A-list actor], ordering a half double decaf half-cap with a twist of lemon!" And I'd say, "Huh? Where?" By which point, inevitably, the person had been swallowed up by a squadron of much taller fans, because all actors are 3'8" for some reason.
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From: pbristow
2009-07-07 10:18 (UTC)
"because all actors are 3'8" for some reason."

They are? =8oO

Dammit, you mean I *could* have been the tallest actor in Britain? [RUNS OFF TO FIND TIME MACHINE AND FIX EARLY CAREER CHOICES]
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[User Picture]From: smallfurry
2009-07-08 05:12 (UTC)
all actors are 3'8" and have disproportionately large heads. which i guess looks better on camera.
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[User Picture]From: anthrokeight
2009-07-07 02:43 (UTC)
I do think when you work hard you should get to play like you mean it. So. Enjoy. Stick one of the Weasley twins in your pocket for me and send him to St. Cloud, will you?
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2009-07-07 05:50 (UTC)
See my answer to gourou above. If I recognise them, I'll certainly try. Are they as tiny as the other actors? If yes, they just might fit in my pocket, as I am medium height and therefore ginormous in comparison.
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[User Picture]From: senusert
2009-07-07 22:25 (UTC)
Enjoy! Hopefully the film will a jaunty jape around the english countryside...and not too dark.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2009-07-08 16:50 (UTC)
It was quite dark. Absolutely terrifying in a couple of places. But very, very good. Thumbs up from me.
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