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Camping in Cornwall 3: The mote in your eye

Lydford Gorge falls Like nine tenths of the people visiting Cornwall over Easter weekend, we went to the Eden Project on the rainy bank holiday Monday. The previous day had been warm and sunny. On the bus that ferried us from the car park to the entrance, everyone was soaked. Everyone was smiling and making jokes. It amused me no end to think that they wouldn't have been nearly as happy if the sky were cloudless blue.

The Eden Project's unusual geodesic dome architecture and encyclopaedic collection of global flora impressed us. The lack of specific information about plants and trees, like labels with common names, let alone the Latin, did not. Neither did the heavy-handed environmental message with which they took every opportunity to bash us over the head. I managed to remain unfazed by it until we reached a section containing a collection of desert Californian plants. A large sign introduced it. "California is chiefly known for:
  • Abundant sunshine
  • Development of computer technology
  • Poor immigrant labour."
At that point, I suffered a sense of humour failure. It seemed to me like being greeted at Heathrow by a sign reading: "Welcome to the United Kingdom. England is chiefly known for:
  • Obsessive tea consumption
  • Stiff upper lipped-ness
  • Oppressive imperialism."
I'm not saying Hollywood, surfing and the Governator are necessarily more positive Californian attributes, but they could have at least tried to be a bit more tactful.
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