Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Cassini Image of 2008

You all remembered to vote in the Cassini Image of the Year contest, right?

A Tectonic Feast: Enceladus FTW

You can see the distribution of votes here. I was rather surprised that the Icy Profile of Rhea came second. I thought that Moons on the Move and the Enceladus skeet shoot would place higher as well.

In outreach news, we completed our second lecture/tour/practical set with the mini-MAGs today. Ten Year 12s turned up to this one with their teacher. All of them were boys (I asked about this - there were only boys doing A-level physics at this school) and there weren't any real standouts like last time. Neither was it my most sparkling performance, as I'm knackered from work this week. At least these students knew how to plot data on a graph and worked reasonably independently once I got them started. But it didn't give me my usual big uplift and that was disappointing.

However, tonight I get to go to Cambridge to the Darwin Lecture series and hear Steve Jones's answer to the question, "Is Human Evolution Over?" It should be entertaining, and likely controversial.
Tags: cassini, imperial, outreach, science, volunteering
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