Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Happy New Year!

It's four days late, but I have reasons. Or rather, excuses. First, I overdid it on New Year's Eve. Spectacularly. I thought I did pretty well last year but it pales in comparison to the cocktail of enjoyment, both natural and artificial, of which I partook this year. I didn't fully recover until yesterday. Which brings me to the second reason I haven't posted. As soon as I felt better, I took over the living room. The flatmates are away until the 19th, so I've covered everything with taped-together newspapers and canvases. I didn't achieve my goal last year of getting together enough material to create a full gallery of paintings and photos. Another year won't go by without my doing so. I have six partially completed large canvases and about a dozen small ones, in addition to two large blank canvases. I'm using my nights this coming week as well as all of next week (which I plan to take off work) to finish them. I've never tried to push myself this hard before, but I'm cautiously optimistic after the past two days of concentration.

When I tried to compile a list of books I'd read last year, I discovered that I'd only read 40 new books. Granted, a much higher proportion of these were serious non-fiction and Nobel/Pulitzer/Booker Prize-winning fiction than have been in the past. I've also done a fair amount of re-reading, since my usual method of book selection before I hop on the bus to work involves popping into the study for about ten seconds and grabbing something that catches my eye. The plan for the next couple of weeks, therefore, includes interspersing reading sessions with painting sessions. I received eight for Christmas, so that should give me a good start.

Finally, the bloke and I went to the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Tate Britain on Friday. I'd recommend that Londoners attend if they can afford tickets, but it ended today. I picked up a book of postcards. The loony Bacon fankids I'm aware of don't need to say anything because they're already getting one, but if you want me to send you a Bacon postcard, leave a comment.

Back to my molding paste, gels and brushes.
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