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Dear Students,

When I ask you if I can inspect your lab notebook, you say yes and you hand it over. Things you do not do include:

  • Say it isn't organized well enough. See point below. It's not supposed to be beautiful.
  • Say you haven't brought it. You are a third-year university student. Surely you have figured out by now that the point of your lab notebook is to make notes in it whilst you work on the lab.
  • Claim you didn't know it was part of your mark (grade, for the Americans reading this). In which lab course exactly was your lab notebook not part of your mark?
  • Tell me you weren't expecting to have it inspected. Especially if I specifically requested to inspect it last week, whereupon you promised you would bring it to me this week.
  • Get upset with me for asking.

When you do these things, I have visions of your marks descending rapidly, like a hooker's cat-o-nine-tails onto Max Mosley's buttocks.


Dear Anonymous Amazon gift-giver,

I'm sorry I'm too impatient and curious to have waited til the appropriate date to open it. Thank you for the aural pleasure. (Har!) Oh, and don't you dare spoil the fun by telling me who you are.

Happy dance,
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