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My Canadian colleague has left. My boss is South African. My line manager, the bloke and my flatmates are British.

I just realized that I now routinely go days without hearing another North American accent.



Although I dislike the interruption of the church-like silence on London transport in the mornings as much as the next commuter, I must admit I always get a giggle out of people's choices of novelty ringtones. Particularly when they're incongruous. For instance, this morning I sat next to a portly middle-aged lady who was wearing pearl earrings and a tweed skirt. Her mobile rang. With what I could have sworn was "Trollhammaren" by Finntroll. I had to pretend to scrimmage in my rucksack to keep her from seeing me laughing. She must have liked the song quite a bit, because she let it play for a while before answering.
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