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People Wot Get My Hackles Up

All right, I'm in a mood, so it's time to let Ranty McRanterpants out of the closet for a little romp around the playground.

  1. People who think I'm not Asian because I don't look it. First of all, because they're unobservant. I mean, hello, can you not tell from, say, this image of me, hypnotised by a bottle of whisky, that I am part Asian? And secondly, because they always say, "But you don't look Filipino" in accusatory tones, like I was deliberately trying to hide it from them. Oh, I'm sorry. Shall I adopt an accent, or perhaps become a nurse, a nanny, or a cashier at the Waitrose on Gloucester Road to make it more obvious for you? Who gives a shit anyway? It's most likely that we're talking because we both happen to be middle-class geeks, not because of our racial/ethnic backgrounds.

  2. People on my LJ friends list who never post any more. Where'd you go? Facebook? Twitter? Don't tell me you started your own independent blog. Do you know how many bookmarks I've got already? Dammit, it was convenient for me when most of you were here.

  3. People who jump the queue. Queueing is a fine British sport with elaborate rules of silent politeness. For instance, if there are only two people standing in the bus shelter, but they're at either end and you walk up to the bus stop, you stand outside it. Just so they know you're not jumping the queue. Unless it's pissing rain, in which case you're allowed to step under a corner of the shelter if you don't have an umbrella. When the bus pulls up, though, you'd better make sure you're behind the two people who were there before you.

    It's infuriating to see people break the rules when I've tried so damn hard to learn them. Especially when they can be clearly identified as British.

  4. People who are proud of not eating vegetables or fruit. Dude, get your blocked-up colon away from me.

  5. People who get off on bashing Americans. It seems to be universally acceptable in the UK and Europe to talk about "the Americans" in as derogatory a fashion as you like. While I can understand (and share) their frustration with the American government's conduct over the past few years, and with a lot of American tourists, I find it peculiar just how comfortable they are criticizing us to our faces. The only thing that saves me from this on a daily basis is not having a job where I have to serve customers, but it happens often enough to be upsetting.

    The other thing that gets me is when someone finishes a tirade and then says, "But of course, you're not like them. You're different." Which sounds creepily like something a closet racist would say when talking to their one ethnic minority friend, you know? (See item #1.)

I think that's all my toys out of the pram. Add yours in the comments!
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