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Very fast bullet point update

  • Cassini is making another really close flyby of Enceladus today. It'll be 25 km from the surface of the moon. Images from the previous close flyby on 11 August are shown on the left. They highlight the "tiger stripes" on the surface of the moon that shoot out the geysers of water & organic particles. Click image to embiggen.

  • Tomorrow, my colleague and I will be presenting our outreach talks to a group of teachers who are doing their qualifications to teach physics at GCSE level (students will be 14-15 years old). Hers is on the Space Race and mine is on Exploring the Outer Planets. We'll be talking them through a bunch of supplementary material as well. NB: This is work that should be done by lecturers, but apparently we are trusted enough to do it since none of them are available. Am both chuffed and scared.

  • Quote of the Day came from listening to A.S. Byatt on Radio 4 this morning. Asked about the possibility of an American winning a Nobel Prize for literature, which hasn't happened since Toni Morrison won, she said, "I think Philip Roth should win a Nobel Prize at some point, although I am intensely miserable in his company."

  • I have a ticket going spare for next Monday's Ardbeg tasting at the Whisky Exchange in London Bridge. It cost £30, but if you can't afford it, don't worry about it. It's mostly important to me that it not go to waste. I've offered it round but no one seems to want it, which confuses me as some very delicious single malts will be consumed. Does anyone want to be my companion in this venture? Don't worry if we haven't met before. This event is centred round one of the greatest social lubricants in the world. Comment, e-mail, text if you're interested.
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