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Drink up, me heartiesI still have one deadline to meet. It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I'm celebrating my birthday at work today.

If you think I didn't show up to the office dressed as a goth pirate queen, you are sadly mistaken.

On a different note, there are no goths in West London. I'm pretty sure there are no goths in Surrey, either. It's been a long time since I dressed like this, and I've grown unaccustomed to the kind of attention it attracts. You seem to get one of two reactions from people.
  1. They stare unabashedly at you. Some don't change expression. Occasionally they sneer. Occasionally they wolf-whistle. But no attempt is made to conceal their reaction to you.

  2. They try their damnedest to pretend you don't exist. It's as if something in their brains cannot compute the strangeness of your presence, so they frantically try to delete it. It reminds me of that bit in Douglas Adam's The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul when Kate Schechter is teasing Thor about people ignoring his enormous self. "Is this when you have the helmet on?" she asks. "Especially when I have the helmet on," he solemnly intones. Then he realizes she's making fun of him, he gets angry, the sky rumbles ominously, and she reconsiders the wisdom of toying with the emotional state of a touchy thunder god.

Anyway. It's going to be a good day. I command that it be so. Also, that someone bring me a tricorn hat.
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