Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

NASA celebrates 50th! Sorta.

NASA reaches 50 with pioneer spirit lost

So instead of jumping up and down about all the marvelous things achieved by the unmanned space programmes in the past 50 years, what does this article do? It picks on the manned space programme.

...Mars may be an impractical target, even with political commitment and the deployment of immense financial and technical resources, according to some experts – because of a problem usually overlooked by manned space enthusiasts.

“I do not see any way for a human being to make even a one-way trip to Mars, let alone come back again, because radiation levels on the flight would be too high,” said Steven Schwartz, professor of space physics at Imperial College London. “It is hard to see how you could protect against it.”

Nice one, Steve. Way to rain on everyone's parade. Okay, okay, so he's right, but still. And he's one of those traitorous Americans who chooses to work for a foreign institution. Er, sort of like someone else I know. *shifty eyes*
Tags: imperial, science
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