Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

The new dSLR gets hijacked by the bloke

Vamping on Mt Rainier, WA, USA

Hello, internet. I missed you. I even blew you kisses from (near the) top of a mountain, see? (What you can't see, though, is that I hiked about half a mile up this snow-covered slope in flip-flops. The best pair of flip-flops in the world, admittedly, involving silver sequins and purchased for a grand total of £2.50 from Tesco, but still a bad idea when trying to negotiate the downhill return while carrying over a thousand dollars worth of new camera equipment around your neck. Oh well. We both survived unscathed.)

I only touched the internets once the whole two weeks I was away, and that was just to check my work e-mail briefly. I spent most of my time either with my family or hiking up and down mountains in the Cascades and the Columbia Gorge, and I needed both the relaxation and the strenuous physical exercise very badly. To the people I missed out on seeing, my apologies. To the people I did see, thank you for making time for me. To everyone, much love.

P.S. Happy Moon Landing Day! Also, I thought I'd point out that Cassini now Twitters.
Tags: camhoor, olympia, photo, travel
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