Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

What's in the box?

danaid_luv wanted to know what I carry around with me every day.

I've tried to carry purses and cool shoulder bags and laptop bags and all sorts. But when it comes right down to it, the only thing that really suits me is my rucksack. If I have to go out of an evening, I'll switch to a clutch or something equally tiny, but if I've got to strip down to the basics, I'd rather everything fit into my pockets. Contents image on the right can be clicked to see more detail.

  • Laptop. This is my work machine. It's cheap, it's functional, it runs Windows, which I do not love, but can't change.

  • Stamps. And airmail stickers, because when I send letters, they're usually going overseas. I also have a pack of domestic 1st class stamps in my wallet.

  • Tissues & pharmaceuticals. I don't get hay fever often. When I do, I medicate straightaway. Of course, the medication gives me the CRAYZEE, but at least I can still do my work.

  • Comb. I walk, bus, and tube to work. Inevitably, there is wind, which is detrimental to the tidiness of hair.

  • Hands-free headset. And sanity-saver, as my mobile has a built-in Walkman.

  • Pen. I often forget paper, though, which means that the inside of my left forearm often looks like Rimmer's in that one Red Dwarf episode.

  • BC pills. Because I am so not ready to be anyone's baby mama.

  • Satsuma. I often get quite hungry on my commute home. It's either the satsuma, or the arm of the bloke in the seat next to me. I figure the satsuma is less likely to get me arrested.

  • Makeup removal pads and plasters. For boo-boos.

  • Yes, those are chopsticks. They're so versatile. For eating, for hair pinning, for stabbing the person who's listening to their iPod too loudly.

  • Umbrella. London weather is about as predictable as a hormonal teenager's moods.

  • Cloth bag. Soothes my inner hippie when shopping for groceries.

  • Powder compact and four lipsticks. Okay, three lipsticks and one lip gloss. The amusing thing is that I often forget to wear makeup.

  • USB connector. For portable hard drive containing backups. (Hard drive cleverly forgotten at work.)

  • Cable lock. A remnant from extensive hostelling.

  • Planner. Full of technical notes about Cassini operations. Sequence currently in execution, flybys, maneuvers, meetings, file delivery deadlines, etc. It's deathly dull, but if I ever lost it, I think I'd cry.

  • Paperback. Book identity varies, but is often poetry. At the moment, I'm enjoying Michael Ondaatje's The Cinnamon Peeler for the fourth or fifth time.

  • Makeup bag. Normally contains a lot of the assorted frippery laid out on the bed in this photo.

  • Hand cream and tinted moisturizer. SPF me up. The yellow face, it burns.

  • Mascara, eyeliner, lipliner. It's comforting to know it's there, at least.

  • Giant sunglasses. £4 at TopShop, baby. I never pay more than a fiver for shades, as I'm much too prone to losing them. The less I pay, though, the longer I manage to retain them.
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