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The Sky at Night #665

If solar physics excites you, I encourage you to go to the BBC's iPlayer to watch this month's "The Sky at Night."

You may have to strain a bit to interpret Patrick Moore's mumbles, but fortunately he spends most of the programme interviewing highly articulate younger scientists, including Imperial's own bouncy, happy Tim Horbury, who talks about the impending end of the Ulysses mission to study the sun and the solar wind. Ulysses has been going for 17 years, and it's the only spacecraft to have orbited the poles of the sun. As Ulysses dies, STEREO, the two-spacecraft NASA mission, has picked up the torch and is providing some fantastic 3D images of the surface of the sun as well as its interaction with extraplanetary bodies (e.g. comets). STEREO scientists are encouraging amateurs to explore the movies and images from Stereo to look for exoplanets and asteroids.

"The Sky at Night" is 20 minutes in length. The Ulysses/STEREO discussion starts about 8 minutes into the programme.

The STEREO Heliospheric Imager archive.
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