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Building stuff and calculating things!

Last month, I submitted two proposals for summer projects for first-year students. Earlier this month, they chose their desired projects through a lottery.

One of mine, building a VLF (very low frequency) receiver, was selected. (I was also excited to note that it was chosen by a pair of girls, but that's another story.)

I've just been told that a student who missed out on the lottery is keenly interested in doing my other project, modeling multi-spacecraft magnetospheric measurements (yay, alliteration). He may or may not be allowed to do it, since he doesn't have a partner. I find out next week.

Having the students choose my projects is flattering, but being cherry-picked by keen ones is even better. Add that to the act of handing in the last of my assessment sheets for this term's short experiments laboratory and you send nanila over the moon.
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