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In uncharacteristic fashion, I have procrastinated on something to the point that I may need to stay up quite late tonight in order to finish it.

So I'm asking for your help in getting through it. If you feel up to the task, all you have to do is post a comment containing an MP3 of a song that's one of your favorite guilty pleasures. I realize that one person's Cheesy Fluff might be another's Serious Business, so anonymous commenting is enabled and automatically unscreened. For dodgy file hosting services, I recommend SendSpace.

Oh, and as for That Holiday, the people who cut right to the heart of the matter are The Wet Spots. Do you take it? (So very NSFW.)

You smell nice and you're groovy
And we both like foreign movies
My mother says you have that touch of class
Well I can see a shining future
Where we'll dialog and nurture
But there's one last thing I feel I need to ask...
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