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The British are rubbing off on me.

In typical English-speaking tourist fashion, I have failed to learn a word of Italian in anticipation of this trip. I shall have to rely on my winning personality and sparkling good looks to get by.

...Oh, shit.

I'm nearly done interviewing. Any further requests will probably have to wait until after I return from Sicily to have theirs, but as those of you who've been on my friends list for a while will know, I'm pretty diligent about answering comments, even if it takes me weeks. So if you want me to dream up five special questions just for you, please do ask.

I've put a few of the answers to questions I was asked behind the cut below.

seismic asks: What associations do you have with being a grownup?

I think for me becoming "grown up" started to happen when I realized that people are often nasty, intentionally or otherwise, to each other for no other reason than they're able to get away with it, and that "people" included "me".

kittenhotep asks: What has been the happiest moment/day/phase of your life so far?

I don't think I've had a happiest moment or day. I believe I'm experiencing the happiest phase now. If it gets any better than this, I may pop.

victorine asks: Do you ever see yourself getting married?

I find myself less personally averse to the idea of marriage these days. Maybe it's the more laid-back approach that a lot of the British seem to have towards it. I don't mean to say that they don't love a good lavish ceremony, or that they don't take their vows seriously, but they just seem so much less in-your-face about it than a lot of Americans. Also, they don't mind the gays doing it. So I think part of the change in my view comes from their cultural influence. With the removal of the galling attitude that marriage is a goal that must be attained for all straight people, I feel more comfortable with it.

behsharam asks: Do humans have souls?

The short answer to your question is no. Assuming that by "soul" you mean some as-yet-unquantified, possibly unquantifiable, portion of a human being which stores their consciousness, the answer is still no. I think that sentience is a matter of synaptic function, and that when the latter ceases, so does the former.
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